Now offering Lifestyle Sessions

For the last couple years I’ve been holding newborn sessions mainly at my home studio, but I am excited to announce that I now offer two different styles of newborn photography: “Lifestyle” photography in your own home, or “Studio” photography at my home studio. This came about as a combination of clients inquiring about house calls, and also a growing sense that I was missing out on capturing moments shared by a family with their newborn in their home environment.

I still love my studio newborn sessions and will continue to offer this style as well. I will always love working in the studio to meticulously craft and style photos, capturing those adorable, curled up, newborn poses that show how tiny and exquisite they are at that stage in life. The studio offers a controlled environment to achieve this, however, photographing weddings and on location family sessions has also given me the joy and experience of working with spontaneity and less controlled environments.

Before setting up a home studio, I actually did used to go to client’s homes to do newborn photos, and those sessions would be a combination of styled images and in-home, lifestyle type shots, but it became unfeasible to transport and set up everything in the client’s homes as I accumulated more equipment and props.  Now, by separating the two types of photography into different types of sessions, I am still able to offer both in a more focused way.

I also offer Lifestyle sessions for children, maternity and family sessions (just add $50 on top of the regular price for that type of session to convert it to a lifestyle session).  Lifestyle sessions are perfect if you prefer a more candid, natural style in your own home, and if you have young children who tend to be more shy in an unfamiliar environment.

For those of you not familiar with the difference between the two styles, here’s more about how they work:


Lifestyle photos will have a very different look than the styled images you might see on other areas of this website. The goal is less on perfecting poses, props, backdrops and sets, instead the focus is more on capturing your newborn and family , interacting in a more casual and relaxed setting (your home). Here’s a blog post showing an example of a lifestyle session:

Props and Backgrounds: Your home will be the backdrop.  I may bring a couple of simple wraps/blankets, but since this type of session will be focused more on the baby in your home and family environment, instead of props from my studio, we may include some items from your home or nursery, or items you might have that hold more personal meaning. Instead of meticulous posing, we will get those natural shots of your newborn having a good stretch, a cute yawn, or of the rest of the family cuddling the new baby.

Location: Your home

Scheduling a time: Unlike the studio shoots, a lifestyle shoot does not need to take place within 14 days of birth, which makes this type of session ideal for families who got home a little later from the hospital, or scheduled with me after the baby was born (although if you prefer a studio session, let me know and I will see if we can still do one for you), or just need a little more time to rest up. The lifestyle session can be scheduled up to 6 weeks of age, we won’t be posing the baby on props as much, so they don’t need to be asleep as much of the time (although waiting until they fall asleep still makes it easier).  The baby will be either held by the parents, or placed on a bed or crib. However, please do schedule your session as early as possible, as they lose the newborn look quickly, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity record this time in their life. By 6 weeks, they already start to look a bit different than they did within the first 2 weeks.

Length of the session: Lifestyle sessions can be a bit shorter than studio sessions, because we are not spending as much time waiting for the baby to fall into deep sleep to achieve those carefully placed poses. A lot of the time, the baby is being held by family members so they don’t need to be completely asleep or to stay in a precise pose by themselves. Lifestyle sessions can last for around 2-3 hours.

Preparation (light and space): I will mainly make use of natural window light wherever possible, but may bring some simple lighting gear along just in case there is not enough light, especially for those cloudy/rainy days. Rooms with big windows and neutral, light-toned (preferably white) walls work best.  This will help us maximize the natural light and reduce sources of unnatural tones from being reflected in the image and on your skin. Don’t worry if you don’t have the perfect coloured walls though, we may do a bit of consultation by email or by phone beforehand to figure out the best light and spaces available. Typical rooms I may shoot in are the nursery (after all, you might have spent some effort decorating it), living room or master bedroom.  To show your home at it’s best, you may want to look around and tidy up temporary clutter if there is any, or anything you might not want in the photos. I know the first few weeks after having a newborn doesn’t always allow time for much cleaning though, so if you don’t have time beforehand, I can help clear some of the spaces where we’re shooting after I arrive.







Studio sessions focus on carefully posed and beautifully styled images of your newborn. These make for wonderful heirloom images for display and keepsakes in your home as well. The focus is on individual images of your baby, with a few somewhat traditional, or casually posed images of the baby with the parents (and siblings). Using a variety of props, accessories and backgrounds from my home studio, we will create looks together that showcase the peaceful, sweet newborn, usually in curled up, sleeping poses.

Props and Backdrop: You will have access to my full range of newborn props, wraps, accessories (headbands, hats, etc), outfits, and backdrops available in my studio.

Location: My home studio, located in the Dunbar area in Vancouver, B.C.

Scheduling a time: The best time for this type of session is when the newborn is only about 5-10 days old. To ensure availability, please book early (preferably well before the baby is born).  Newborns will be posed curled up on my special posing beanbag, or in a little basket or other prop. These types of poses look especially sweet and also show how flexible and curled up the baby was in the womb, they will never be like this again once they pass a few weeks of age. They are the most flexible and sleepy within the 14 day timeframe required for these types of shots. They will need to be asleep for most of the session in order to stay in these poses.  Again, they will only be this tiny and “curly” once in their life, it’s worth capturing that!

Preparation: We will take feeding and soothing breaks as needed during the shoot. Please come prepared to feed the baby at least 3 or 4 times. Also it’s a good idea to bring extra clothes to be comfortable in as well as clothes you’d like to be photographed in as we will be doing a few portraits with you and the baby as well. You can bring a few meaningful props if you like, but I will have a variety of wraps, props and accessories available in my studio.

Length of Session: Studio sessions tend to last between approximately 3 or 4 hours, sometimes slightly longer, this is because we are trying to get the baby to fall into deep sleep in order to get those cute poses. They need to be fed and soothed and made as comfy as possible until they fall asleep, and that takes a bit of time. Don’t hesitate to use the opportunity to take turns napping on the couch while I am working with the baby (I find many parents do take the chance to catch a nap).  I will have an assistant on hand to help me with setup and arrangement, although it also helps to have one of the parents keep an extra eye on the baby while I’m shooting, newborns have a natural startle reflex so it’s best to have an extra person close by just in case, but one of you can still take the opportunity to relax or nap while the other is watching over 🙂




Which session you choose is up to you, you can make the decision based on which style speaks to you more, as well as convenience, and package details, which are listed here:



If you can’t decide, you can get both packages! If you purchase both packages and book them together, I will take 10% off!